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<- That's Me

This is the part where I am supposed to brag..

I sold my last startup to Twitch

I've raised $20M+ from investors

I host a business podcast that has over 2M downloads a year

(My First Million)

why the h*ll are you doing this??

The #1 piece of advice people ask us is:

"I have this great idea...but I don't know where to start"

And no matter how many books & blogs you read about success stories - they gloss over the details.

The decisions. The templates. The twists and turns.

Them : "So I convinced the investor to invest in me" You : what did you actually say?

So I decided I'm gonna show you how I execute. I'm teaming up with a few listeners of the podcast - to help grow a business from zero to $1M. We will start 3 new ventures - and email you a recap every day of what we did:


This is an experiment. Nobody does this. That's what makes us want to do it. We're going to open up the kimono, and share every step of the journey - in real time.

I've always wanted to open up my own university. So consider this a business class. But instead of lectures & textbooks - we're going to learn by DOING.

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